Redesign of this webpage:

The webpage has been re-designed June, 2016 - so the webpage is now also mobil friendly - If you observe any errors - please send us an e-mail.



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Recorded by:

Danish: E. Kristensen (Denmark) - Dutch: J. Molenaar (Holland) - English: P. Shepherd (England) - German: M. Moser (Austria) - Greenlandic: N. Knudsen (Greenland) - Spanish: Jóse (Spain)


Idea of Design:

We have chosen basic words and sentences in three different areas:

a. Greetings

b. Express your basic needs for liquid, food and rest.

c. Numbers - so you can understand basic payment/ money system.


About us: was established in 2011. Our purpose is/ was to deliver, easy to learn, free, online language courses for beginners.

We have our base in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Contribute with you own language:

If you can't find you own language on this home page. Why not translate it youself and send it to us. We prefer, you send us English text translated into your own language text. Please send your materials to: